Hello and welcome to The Sacred Soul Space! 

I am Wendy, The Sacred Soul Sister, here to ease your soul. 

I am a natural, highly intuitive empathic healer and Reiki Practitioner.

With my spiritual gifts of Clairvoyance (Clear seeing), Claircognizance (Clear knowing), Clairsentience (Clear feeling) and Clairaudience (Clear hearing), I am able to tap into your energy and the energy around your situation and offer clarity, answers and solutions.

All my life people have been drawn to my white light and high vibrational energy. Be careful, you just might absorb it…but that’s what we want isn’t it!? My spiritual awakening occurred as a result of my Twin Flame Journey. I was awakened…forced to go DEEP within and heal. As a result, I am able to heal others...I’ve been there and as you know, it’s not a great space to be in. I had to heal so I could heal.

Alongside my gifts, I utilize several deviation tools (as needed) such as Tarot and Oracle cards, my trusty sidekicks Marie and Nikki (Pendulums) and crystals depending on the situation and clarity needed. If you are in need of energy and chakra healing and balancing, I am a Reiki Practitioner and offer those services as well. (Distance & In-Person)


I am able to confidently answer questions of all natures.

Tarot and Oracle Intuitive readings

Career/Entrepreneurship readings

Shadow healing readings

Soul Truth Readings

Personal Power Readings

Manifestation Readings and Guidance

Relationship readings (Love, family, platonic, professional etc.)

Twin flame Readings

Reiki/Crystal Reiki Healing Sessions (Distance and in person)

We will uncover repressed shadows you may not have known existed amongst other emotions and traumas affecting and blocking your progress.

I will guide your healing to lead you to a peaceful, sacred soul.

Thank you for trusting me on your journey…I promise not to steer you wrong.

Let's Get To Work, I Can Help